How dropshipping fitness products bring me 500€ a day

How dropshipping fitness products bring me 500€ a day?

I’m 27 years old fitness trainer from the Checz Republic. I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost three years now.

>Along with fitness, I’ve been dropshipping for five years. It’s easy to start and less time-consuming than having a physical store or eCommerce business.

As a personal trainer, I focused on dropshipping fitness apparel and equipment.

Advertising and promoting my products wasn't hard. I had and still have an extensive social network following. On Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, I have 32 thousand followers combined.

A large social following enabled me to present my products to various people. Additionally, I had many ways to include fitness products in everyday life and with my clients

The hard part was finding a good supplier

Dropshipping with a Chinese supplier

My first choice for dropshipping was a Chinese supplier. I worked with a Chinese supplier until two months ago.

Initially, I chose a Chinese supplier because of:

When I started dropshipping, there wasn’t an intense competition. People didn’t mind waiting four or six weeks for their parcel. Shipping costs were low, and product quality was better a year ago.

Nowadays, suppliers changed their politics, and they charge higher shipping costs. Due to higher shipping costs, I had to increase my prices. Another thing that changed is customs charges. Compared to a few months ago and now, customs charges increased by 25% when shipping from China.

Following are issues with a Chinese supplier which affected my business:

The last straw was in March of this year. I had hit the jackpot with the Instagram post and got 178 orders. The shipping company updated its fees without informing me, which caused irreversible actions. Out of 178 orders, only 109 customers agreed to pay increased shipping fees.

'Due shipping from China, I couldn’t affect customs charges. After customs charges increased by 25%, my conversion rate dropped to 2%.'

Changing to a European-based supplier

I couldn’t work with an unreliable supplier anymore. I needed a company with great products, reasonable prices, and decent profit margins. My friend recommended Eurowholesale.

My dropshipping business wasn’t doing well, so I decided to go with Eurowholesale. They are a European-based supplier, and I thought shipping wouldn’t be my issue. Another plus was there were no more unpredictable customs charges.

I signed up for free and got access to over a thousand products. As I was interested in the fitness industry, I found five products I wanted to promote.

Ordered products arrived in one day on my doorstep. Everything was packed correctly, in clean packaging, and without any labels. I paid 4.5€ for cash-on-delivery shipping.

Cash-on-delivery boosted my sales by 28%.In addition, through this payment option, I regained a lot of customers. Having a cash-on-delivery option, I hit the jackpot.

As it turns out, posts and emails mentioning this payment option increased the conversion rate and affected the engagement rate positively. Once I included COD in my business, my CR went from 2% to 3.87%.

Posts explaining the new payment method by far had the most interactions. People felt more secure ordering something and paying in cash than paying upfront.

This new payment method and fast shipping affected the customer experience positively. People started praising my products again, which led to expanding my customer base without spending money on ads.

Before switching to a European-based supplier, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make a big profit. But I was wrong. Changing from Chinese to a European-based supplier convinced me that dropshipping doesn’t have to be a struggle.

After launching new products and promoting them on different platforms, I got numerous orders.

After only eight days, with only five products, I got 114 orders.

Wholesale price Retail price Profit margin Quantity Returns
Product one 8.23€ 35€ 76.49% 50 3
Product two 5.28€ 27€ 80.44% 25 1
Product three 7.89€ 20 60.55% 8 0
Product four 11.75€ 45€ 73.89% 21 1
Product five 8.63€ 30€ 71.23% 10 0

Having a Eurowholesale as a supplier resulted in

  1. Went from negative net profit to 500€ net profit a day;
  2. Went from 60 to 120 orders in the first ten days;
  3. Increased potential customers by 28% because of the COD payment option;
  4. Increased profit margin by 22.65%;
  5. Decreased the number of returns from on average 65 returned products to 5;
  6. It affected my reviews. From 3.2 stars to 4.14 stars in less than a month;
  7. Decreased shipping time from 7 weeks to a maximum of five days;
  8. Gained 2000+ additional followers.


After connecting with the right wholesaler, I ran my dropshipping business efficiently. With nominal startup costs, I only invested money into advertising my products.

I didn’t manage stock. Therefore I didn’t have to invest in storage or maintenance. Having no storage allowed me to dedicate myself to selling and generating profit without worrying about logistic aspects of the business.

By passing work on dropshipping wholesalers, I devoted myself to advertising my products and attracting as much traffic as possible.

Choosing the right supplier enabled me to

With Eurowholesale, I went from negative profit to 500€ daily while spending minimum time and money.