How I earned 11480€ in June by switching to Eurowholesale

How I earned 11480€ in June by switching to Eurowholesale

I started dropshipping several years ago. In 2022 I have leveled up my business and have three people on my team. Our general focus is smart toys and gadgets. I have always been tech-savvy, so choosing this niche was logical when I started my dropshipping business.

Since starting my dropshipping journey till now, I have changed at least ten dropshipping suppliers. When I began, supply and demand were different. There weren’t many suppliers, but there was no dropshipping competition, and I could manipulate prices and the market.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. Many people started dropshipping, from bobby pins to furniture. In addition, many intermediaries showed up. Distinguishing between wholesalers and intermediaries is challenging.

As competition is tough, we are always searching for trending popular products that we can include in our product range.

Targeting the right audience and marketing is something we solely do. Finding the right product can be a tricky part.

Many things regarding the product depend on the supplier. Quality, quantity, shipping, and post-delivery treatment rely solely on our supplier.

If you're a beginner or struggle to make a profit, these are the most important thing to watch out for when choosing a supplier:

Because we want to give our customers only the best in the shortest possible time, with the best shipping rates, we changed many wholesalers until we found the right one.

Nowadays, we partnered with a wholesaler based in Europe.

We have been working with them for three months. We are satisfied with their services, and in June we made 5239€.

Comparison and results

Previous wholesaler Eurowholesale
Shipping time Four weeks Up to 5 days
Signing up Free, then 29,99€ monthly Free
Processing fee 3% 0%
Location of warehouse China Slovenia
Shipping costs From 3€ to 30€ From 3,5€ to approx. 9€
Payment options Credit/ debit card, PayPal, wire transfer Credit/ debit card, Cash-on-delivery
MAP Yes No
XML CSV localized in local languages Not all EU languages All EU languages
Return price From 1,3€ to 2,5€ 1 €

Looking at the results, and It’s not hard to conclude that wholesalers can be the key when doing dropshipping.

Results in one month when doing business with our previous wholesaler and Eurowholesale:

Previous wholesaler Eurowholesale
Sales made 12769€ 14589€
Average daily net profit 257€ 382€
Product range 37 products 29 products
Average profit margin 60.56% 78.69%
Number of returns due to product quality 65 43
Five star reviews 43 68


I always make an effort to optimize my dropshipping business. I have been doing this for a long time, so I know my marketing strategy.

Part of the business that I can’t influence is wholesalers. I had to change ten wholesalers to offer the best products, competitive prices, and reasonable shipping times. All that while making a profit.

Business is ever-changing, and I’m always finding ways to stay relevant. The last time I decided to change my wholesaler was three months ago.

Things that affected us to change our wholesaler previous time were:

By switching to the new wholesaler, we managed to: